Top Bicep Exercises for Size

Its Time for some BIG GUNS !!!

Biceps, one of the most prominent part of upper body that everyone wants to show off. Biceps are difficult to grow but with consistency we all can build ideal and attractive biceps. In order to train biceps, first we will look at the anatomy of the biceps. Biceps have two heads:

  • Brachii
  • Brachialis
  • Brachioradialis

In common words  we can say there are two main sides of biceps:

  • Inner bicep (short head)
  • Outer bicep (long head)

Exercises for Inner Biceps (short head)

i) Wide Grip Bicep Curl

This is the most effective exercise for the inner biceps. perform this exercise by standing still with feet shoulder width apart and hand grip is shown below. Curl the weight upwards with biceps only without using back and shoulders. Use appropriate weight and don’t create momentum. Curl slowly.

ii) Wide Grip Preacher Curl

Same as we do normal preacher curls, for inner bicep or short head bicep performing wide grip preacher curls is best for peak and size. Preacher curls have few technicalities. Don’t roll over shoulders as it can cause injuries don’t twist your wrist very much. Stay still in a steady position and pull your shoulders back as shown here.

iii) Inclined Dumbbell Curl (facing outside)

Another effective exercise is a slight modification in simple inclined dumbbell curl is palm facing outside. Do this exercise as a finisher. Inline your bench at 30 to 40 degrees or what  works best for you. Steady yourself on the bench. Don’t use too much heavy weight to avoid injuries. Keeping elbows at their position curl the weight by palm facing outside and the curl will be wide. This will pump your inner biceps.

Exercises for Outer Biceps (long head)

i) Pronated Bicep Curl

It is also known as reverse grip or down facing grip. Most people neglect the outside of bicep but its the actual part that make bicep wider. To target this muscle, try this workout. Same like normal curl, the difference is the grip which is pronated here.

ii) Hammer Curls

This exercise is the one in which you can lift the heaviest as it includes the neutral grip. You can do it in both either sitting or standing position. Keep your elbows lock, drop your shoulders back and curl. No momentum and no swinging.

iii) Close Grip Bicep Curl

Just like explained earlier in wide grip, this is same exercise but the difference is just the grip. Close grip curl can be done by using straight as well as EZ bar. It also creates balance between biceps and create good peak. It is done as shown below



All the exercise described above have some things in common which are easy to remember are:

  • Long head biceps : Close Grip
  • Short head biceps : Wide Grip

Try these exercises for big biceps. Stay fit, Stay healthy and Stay Motivated

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