Top 5 Back Exercises for Width and Mass | For Beginners

Do you want a perfect V shape back? Then this is a perfect article for you. Just do these back exercises and have your dream body ..

Strong and wide back is the goal of every bodybuilder and fitness lover. The shirt fits really really well when you have a wide back automatically you appear stronger with a wider back. There are tons of exercises available but there is a short-list of top exercises which give the best results in minimum time.

1. Lat Pull Down

One of the most effective exercise for beginners as well as professional bodybuilders is Lat pull down. Professional bodybuilders prefer this exercise and start their back workout by this exercise.

Lat pull down

This Exercise completely activates the back and the blood circulates in the muscles. This is really really good for the upper back. This exercise has many variations like

  • wide grip front pull down
  • close grip front pull down
  • wide grip back pull down
  • close grip back pull down

Dont’s of Lat Pull Down

  • Lifting too heavy
  • Creating momentum and swinging
  • moving your shoulders forward
  • leaning back too much

These must be avoided to have maximum effect of this exercise.

2. One Arm Dumbbell Row

This exercise isolates the back muscles and and mostly effect the mid back and wings. This is isolation exercise and can be done after compound exercise. Both sides of the back and wings are activated separately. The technique of doing this exercise looks like this:

one arm dumbell row


Dont’s of Dumbbell Row

  • Back not kept straight
  • Creating momentum or moving too fast
  • Elbow too wide from back
  • Neck not straight

3. Reverse Grip Barbell Row

To have balanced and strong back with strong core Reverse grip barbell rows are the best. This is bodybuilding as well as strength building exercise. The form of this exercise is very strict as it also has impact on core.

reverse grip barbell row

This exercise has a variation of normal grip and also you can do these exercises with dumbbells too.

Dont’s of Barbell Row

  • Lifting too much weight
  • Back not kept straight
  • Creating momentum or moving too fast
  • Elbow too wide from back
  • Neck not straight

4. Close Grip T-Bar Row

All the rowing exercises with different angles and variations are made for back. These build strong backs and increase width. The main technique is to keep your back straight and coreĀ  strong.

close grip T bar row

Dont’s of T Bar Row

  • All the points are same for rowing exercises

5. Close Grip Seated Row

The classical and most common exercise for amazing V shaped back that will be noticeable while wearing t-shirts or shirts is seated cable rows. Balance becomes strong also, bicep is pumped too. Here is how to do it

close grip seated row

Dont’s of Seated Row

  • Leaning back too much
  • Creating momentum or moving too fast
  • moving towards chest
  • Neck not straight


Include these exercise in your back workout to have best results. Stay fit and Stay Healthy.


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