Top 5 Hacks Ever Girl Should Know to Look Stylish

How Can Girls Keep Their Style Game Up

We know that different qualities together makes the personality of a person. Style is one of the most important factors through which a girl can maintain her looks. Now a days, some girls are  comparatively more familiar with their styling and dressing sense but these girls spend a lot of money on their dressing so there is an excuse for other girls that we are not that rich to follow these dressing goals.

Every girl want to look perfect in terms of style and fashion but many girls make some major mistakes while shopping. The basic point is that they don’t think smartly. They spend more money to up their style game. In this blog, we are gonna tell you some amazing tricks that you can try to look stylish every time. So from today, Buy your style in less money.

1. Wear Lose Shirts with Tight Pants

First hack that every girl should know is try to wear loose shirts with skiny jeans or if you are gonna wear a tight top you should definitely wear loose pants or trousers. Try this and you’ll look stylish in all type of tops and shirts. This will give you an even look and this trick is very beneficial for short girls because this will give you a tall and slim look.

On the other hand if you are wearing a tight skin fitted top with a skiny jeans, your stomach and back area will be more prominent and you’ll look bulky which can destroy your look in a party.

A girl with loose top

2. Don't invest much on bags and shoes

Yess!! you heard it right. Now you can manage your looks spending less on shoes and bags. You can look stylish if you can’t take new sandals every week. So, here is a best ever tip related to bags and shoes. Just buy 2 or 3 good quality neutral colored bags and you can keep your style game up.  Neutral colors include skin, brown, black or grey. These colored bags will keep your look stylish with every dress. Same trick with shoes.

Lady carrting a bad

3. Invest more on Tops and shirts

If you are going in an institute on daily basis for job, studies or anything else, you need more clothes to look different and stylish but we have a pro tip related to this. Spend more money on tops and shirts  instead of spending equal money on shirts and trousers. This is the best key to give you a new look daily. Just buy 2 or 3 neutral colored  pants/ trousers (whatever makes you easy and relaxed) and wear them with different tops/shirts.

4. Focus on your accessories

Accessories play a very important role in your look. Your earrings, pendant, watch  bracelet and stuff, all included in your accessories. Try to spend more to collect beautiful and stylish accessories.

This will help you a lot to maintain your personality and to give you a stylish look daily.

5. Good makeup sense

5th tip is a very basic thing for girls and every girl should know about this. A good makeup sense always keeps a girl confident in a gathering. If a girl is going university on daily basis, she should do a very light and blended makeup that don’t even look so prominent on her face. A good and light shade of lipstick and a good quality highlighter is enough for a daily routine makeover.

Some girls don’t have a good makeup sense and they wear very heavy makeup on daily basis and because of this, their overall look feels so irrelevant to other people around them.

girl wearing a light party makeup

Just follow these tips and you can keep your style game up. We hope you like our blog. For more style and grooming tips visit our Facebook and Instagram page.

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