Leg Workout for Men

Why leg workout is important for men?

There are tons of advantages of leg workout for men. It increases overall strength and your body is well balanced. Also, it increases the most important hormone testosterone which in result helps in gaining more muscles and also burning calories effectively. But the percentage of men who do leg workout is very low. Men mostly target their upper body (shoulders, chest and arms). Due to this their bodies look awful and unbalanced like Hercules with Barbie legs.

Some men don’t do leg workout because they are afraid of the pain but gentlemen GAINS come from PAIN.¬†The overall strength is really important. Also, you look dynamite when you wear good trousers or jeans.

After Leg workout be like

Anatomy of leg muscle

Before starting leg workout, it it important to know muscles that make the whole leg. Working out each muscle is important to have maximum results. Leg consists of these muscles:

  1. Quads
  2. hamstrings
  3. glutes
  4. calves

Top exercises for leg workout

i) Squats

Muscles that are effected in squats are:

  • Glutes
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings

It is one of the best and most effective exercise for overall lower body. There are also many variations like feet with shoulder width, narrow and wider. The important point is to keep your back as straight as you can.

ii) Leg Press

The effects of these exercise depends on variations of feet position which are as follow:

  • Shoulder width basic position : Overall leg
  • Narrow feet : Outer leg muscles
  • Wide feet : Inner leg muscles
  • High feet : Hamstrings and glutes
  • Low feet : Quads

iii) Front Leg Curls

This exercise is specially for quads. Variations of feet position are:

  • Close feet : Outer quads
  • Normal feet : Overall quads
  • Wide feet : Inner quads

iv) Back Leg Curls

This exercise is specially for hamstrings. Variations of feet position are:

  • Close feet : Outer hamstrings
  • Normal feet : Overall hamstrings
  • Wide feet : Inner hamstrings

v) Calve Raises

As the name shows, this exercise helps in building bulky and strong calves. You can do this exercise in different ways like using machine, standing or sitting dumbbell calves raises etc.

These are the best exercise you can in your workout to build strong, bulky and muscular legs. Checkout workout of other muscles here too:

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