Can “Nice Guys” get in Relationship?

Can “Nice Guys” get in Relationship?

It is said that “Nice Guys finish Last”. This thought is continuously roaming around in the minds of guys that if they are nice, girls will not feel attracted towards them. The question is

” Why is it that Nice Guys are not considered as desirable as bad guys, is it a myth? “

This question has mixed answers because there are certain qualities that Nice Guys have that women actually like but there are also some qualities that Nice Guys have that tend to be a turn off for the ladies.

So, Here are the three things that play in favor to someone being a Nice Guy and three things that Nice Guys can work on and improve themselves in order to up their game.

Things in Favor of Nice Guys

i. Aim to develop yourself first

First thing that women like about Nice Guys is developing and maturing themselves as a person. Its a simple fact that as women get older, a stable guy with good qualities starts to become more appealing and attractive to them as compared to the typical Bad Boys. When girls are young they don’t consider family and money that much so they tend to lean towards bad boys but as time passes the values are changed and evolved. The priority for most women is the guy who will take good care of her and that is the guy who is mentally developed and matured.

ii. More Honest and Trustworthy

One of the most important quality that women want a man can have is being trustworthy. A person she can rely on is all she wants.  So, morale values are higher in Nice Guys that is why it is a great advantage for them. They are more open and honest comparative to the Bad Guys.

iii. Making her feel Special

Nice Guys find happiness in making their partner happy. Also, women like a person who shows care and adoration towards them. Nice Guys tend to have a longer lasting relationship than a guy who doesn’t think about making her feel special.

This is some of the stuff about Nice Guys working in favor. Now, some things about these guys that is making them finish last.

Things Nice Guys have to improve

i. Too Agreeable

The main difference guys have to understand that there is a difference between being too nice and being too agreeable or a pushover. Agreeable personalities are less attractive than decisive guys. Guys who can take decision, girls find it a sense of authority. Instead of agreeing to whatever she says or wants, try to be more decisive as you are mature and you have your view point which matters and this is attractive too.

ii. Being Obsessed

Nice Guys should stop being so intensely loyal to girls who don’t like them. You don’t owe them anything. This is a trap every Nice Guy put himself in it. They  like a girl and they just wait, wait and wait for her to like them back. It comes across as a desperate guy which is a major turn off. If she senses any kind of desperation then you are just wasting your time.

iii. Being Boring

Last but not the least is being boring. Nice Guys no doubt are too nice, they don’t want any kind of conflicts. They want everything to go as smoothly as possible with as little tension as possible but the fact is women like a challenge. If you are too easy going and non confrontational, then you are boring. She might push you around so that you should push back not just being quietly pushed over.

In the end,the thing is that no doubt there are good qualities in Nice Guys that women may like but they as a whole package may not. You should be respectful and nice. You should have high morale values. Just focus and improve the things mentioned above. Everyone Nice Guy is good but just a little improvement can make you amazing. Best of Luck !!!

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