11 Ways to Get Rid of Depression

11 Easy Ways to Reduce Depression

Depression is a type of mental illness that makes a person sad and mentally weak and he loss his interest in almost everything. This condition of a person needs to be treated as soon as possible because if depression increases, it may leads to suicidal thoughts which is very dangerous for a person. But we don’t need to worry much about that because it’s curable.

 In Pakistan, most of the people think that they are going through depression but the irony is that they do nothing to treat it and stays in depression for long time. Which makes them more lazy and they feel themselves as a useless creature on this planet. They should take the following steps to keep their mind fresh and stress free  so that they can feel better.

1. Pray

Ups and downs are the part of life and everyone have to face them. If you are going through your hard time, try to pray more and stay close to GOD. This will not only help you to feel lighter but it will also help you to understand the real purpose of your life because relation with the creator always force you to think about the realities of life which is good for a depressed person.

A man is praying

2. Try to keep yourself busy

Try to keep yourself busy all the time. Stay connected with your family and friends and don’t sit alone because sitting alone in this condition will enhance the negative feeling inside you and you’ll start taking even the positive things of your life negatively. At this point a person start feeling like useless and there is also a chance that he may harm himself.

Ladies are sitting in a gathering

3. Keep your routine Intact

One of the most important tip for the people suffering from depression is that they should follow a good routine or timetable because mostly when people are suffering from anxiety or depression, they first spoil their diet or sleep. Try to maintain it!! try to take 3 meals and a proper 8 hrs sleep without any medicine or drug… try to wake up early and you’ll feel a big change in your mind and personality.

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4. Keep yourself Energetic

Another tip for the depressed people is: always try to eat a fruit in 20 mins right after you get up. You can eat any of your favorite fruit, not any specific. This will keep you energetic all the day and you’ll not feel negative, lazy and lethargic which will bring a good change in you.

picture of a fruit basket

5. Play with children

If you are depressed and you have some children around you, then congratulations! are are not going to stay in this depression and stress any more. Kids are the best therapy to anxiety and stress. Playing with kids and staying close to nature always keep your mind fresh and provokes the hidden child inside you which is a very good mood freshener.

4 childern are playing

6. Stay connected with nature

This is a pro tip not only for those who are in a stress or depression but for normal people as well. If you are not going through depression then it will help you to remain happy. Try to go out for a walk daily (preferably in morning time) and give some time to your self with nature. Prefer to walk in park or something like green area this will help you to stay connected with beauty and nature. Spending time in flowers and tress is a perfect ‘ME TIME’

7. Try to keep a pet all the time with you

If you are tired from your life and don’t want to struggle any more than keep a pet for some days and just play with it. Keep it with you all the time and play with it… this will help you to forget the difficulties of life and you’ll just enjoy that innocent pet.

8. Exercise

Exercise is something very important. It should be a mandatory thing for every human being. Even if someone is not facing any kind of stress or tension, he also should exercise daily. Exercise keeps you fit, which generate a good vibe in you. The people who are in critical condition of depression should also try yoga.

9. Play Instruments

Playing your favorite instrument is the Best ever solution of releasing stress in my opinion. Sitting alone and playing your favorite instrument will simply take you to another world, a world of beauty and nature. Even if you don’t know how to play the instrument, just give it a try.

10. Listen to motivational speakers

 With all these practical tips, you also need to work on your spirits and thoughts so that you may stop thinking negatively. Try to listen to a good motivational speaker like Qasim ali shah or Akhtar abbas. Listening these motivational lectures will give you a new prospective of thinking and help you keep going in Life.

A man is giving a motivational speech

11.Keep things organized around you

According to a psychological research, if all your things are messed up around you, they’ll leave a very negative impact on your mind, which is a main cause of depression. Try to keep you things in an organized manner and this will help you to feel fresh and lively.

Picture of racks containing things in organized manner

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