10 Things That Are Destroying Your Health On Daily Basis

10 Things We Should Stop Eating From Today

It’s all about your health. This is the fact that now a days people are going through strange diseases. With the passage of time, people are facing newer and strange diseases. Probably ‘not eating a good (healthy)  stuff ‘ is one of the major cause of these diseases.

Many people are unaware but we are using some dangerous things in our daily life and these things are affecting our health in a very bad manner. We need to avoid these things from now.

1. Sugar

Sugar is a basic need of people these days. People use it as an important ingredient.But unfortunately this sugar contains some harmful chemicals which may cause many diseases in our body.
Every human body needs a specific amount of natural sugar which provides energy to a person’s body. This natural sugar is known as Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose. We can take a good amount of these natural sugars from fruits and other natural eatables. Using sugar on daily basis not only produce extra fats in you but also mix in your blood and cause many diseases so, try to avoid sugar as much as you can. If you consider it so important, use some alternate other wise try to exclude it from you routine to keep yourself healthy.

2. Cheese

Now a days, trend of eating cheese is increasing day by day. Delicious dishes in every restaurant like mac n cheese, pizza, white sauce pastas have a thick layer of cheese in them. Now a days even burgers also have a thick cheesy sauce or a cheese slice in them. This cheesy trend is increasing day by day specially in youth but they are unaware of the disadvantages of cheese. Cheese not only make people fat, but also increases cholesterol level in them which affects their joints. Eating a lot of cheese also make a person feel lethargic. Try to avoid it to make your life healthier specially the persons who have bones or joints problems.

3. Packed Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the most important things of dinning table. It is used for many purposes in Pakistan like lassi and raita. Mostly packed yogurts contains many chemicals in it which harms natural processes of our body. Naturally produced yogurt is one of the things that increases the glucose level in our body and provides us energy but when we use packed yogurt instead of natural one,( it does not contains any of the essential components of our body so ) it may cause diseases instead making us healthy.

4. Tea And Coffee

In Pakistan, tea is a top trending drink. Some people even drink it (tea/coffee) 5 to 6 cups a day.

Mostly people drink tea/coffee early in the morning which is not a good start of the day. Actually when a person is sleeping, human body continues to do many processes which causes some acidity in human body and in the morning, tea and coffee increases this acidity which may cause many diseases. Large amount of caffeine present in weakens the brain ability and make it slow.

5. Stored Rice

Mostly in Pakistan, remaining rice are stored in refrigerators and then served on the next meal which is really wrong with your health. Actually when we store rice in fridge, a specific kind of chemical starts producing in them which is very harmful for human health. Eating stored rice increases  the toxic substances in our body and leads to food poisoning.

6. Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are very dangerous for health because they contains a heavy amount of sugar and preservatives in it which are not at all suitable for our body. Mostly people of Pakistan consider it a compulsory element of their meals but this approach is soo wrong. Cold drinks not only increases the chances of obesity but they also release the calcium of your bones and teeth which as the result destroy them and patient may face diseases like Osteoporosis (pain in back bone) and Osteomyelitis (bone infection).

7. Excess of Eggs

People who work hard physically or exercise in daily basis can eat more than one egg a day but normal people, who don’t go gym should avoid more than one egg per day (specially the yellow part). If a person who don’t go for workout daily eat excess of eggs, it will increase the cholesterol level in blood vessels. Avoid eating eggs will protect you from heart diseases.

8. Processed Bread

Bread is a very basic component of breakfast which is used in almost every home. Mostly people think that bread is made of wheat and floor which are useful for human body but they are unaware of a fact that mostly companies use many type of chemicals and preservatives in bread to delay it’s expiry and change it’s shape.Processed bread may cause skin problems and is harmful for your beauty.

9. Soy bean oil

Oil is one of the basic things that is used in every dish. We should  always select a harmless oil. If we talk about soy bean oil, it is very harmful for human body. It may cause the problems of Asthma, Breast cancer, skin infection, hypothyroidism and kidney diseases.

10. Artificial Sweets

There are many types of artificial sweets that people love to eat not only in Pakistan but in all over the world. Sweets, cotton candies, doughnuts, creamy cakes, pastries brownies and stuff. but we have to realize the fact that these sweets are not at all good for our health. They are damaging human body in a very bad manner. Excess of these things may cause tooth decay, bleeding of gums, dental cavity, obesity and diabetes.

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